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The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

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Runtime: 115 min

Two worlds. One hero.
Courage is immortal
The god of thunder. The king of Asgard. The god of mischief. The guardian of worlds. The goddess of war. The woman of science.

The title of the film doesn't appear until the end credits.

Goofs: Factual errors: Tasers used as depicted cannot knock people out. They are an immobilizer used to gain compliance via pain.

Trivia: It's mentioned in passing that Thor's hammer was forged inside "a dying star". This actually makes a modicum of scientific sense. When a very large star dies in a supernova, sometimes its remains collapse to form a "neutron star". These objects cram the mass of the sun into the size of a city, forming a new kind of matter nicknamed neutronium. A single teaspoon of this material would weigh billions of tonnes. If Mjolnir was made of this material, it would certainly explain its incredible weight.


Agent Coulson: [interrogating Thor] It's not easy to do what you did. You made my men, some of the most highly trained professionals in the world look like a bunch of minimum-wage mall cops. In my experience, it takes someone who's received similar training to do what you did to them. Why don't you tell me where you received that training? Afghanistan, Chechnya? No, you strike me more as the soldier of fortune type. Who are you?


Agent Cale: [staring at The Destroyer] Is that one of Stark's?
Agent Coulson: I don't know. Guy never tells me anything.


Thor: You! What place is this? Elfheim, Nilfheim?
Darcy: [frightened, pulls out a taser] New Mexico?
Thor: You dare threaten the son of Odin with such a puny weapon...?
[Darcy tasers him]
Darcy: [to Jane] What? He was freaking me out!

Times Like These - Foo Fighters
Thor: Once I retrieve Mjolnir, I will return to you the items they stole from you. Deal?
Jane Foster: No. You think you're gonna just walk in and walk out ?
Thor: No. I'm gonna fly out.


Thor: My friends, have you forgotten all that we have done together? Fandral, Hogun, who led you into the glorious of battles?
Hogun: You did.
Thor: And, Volstagg, who introduced you to delicacies so succulent you thought you'd died and gone to Valhalla?
Volstagg: [chuckles] You did.
Thor: And who proved wrong all who scoffed at the idea that a young maiden could be one of the fiercest warriors this realm has ever known?
Sif: I did!
Thor: True, but I supported you, Sif.


Thor: [walking into a pet shop] I need a horse!
Pet Store Clerk: We don't have horses. Just dogs, cats, birds.
Thor: Then give me one of those large enough to ride.


[after hitting Thor with her car... again]
Jane Foster: I swear I'm not doing this on purpose.


Darcy: [On seeing Thor, who's been hit by their car, lying on the ground] Whoa, does he need CPR? 'Cause I totally know CPR!

Best Of You - Foo Fighters
Agent Garrett: [about Thor's Asgard buddies] Is there a Renaissance Fair in town?
Agent Jackson: Call it in.
Agent Garrett: Yeah. Uh, base, we've got, uh, Xena, Jackie Chan, and Robin Hood.


Thor: [taking coffee for the first time] This drink... I like it! More!
[throws the mug on the floor and shatters it]
Jane Foster: [to the other people] Sorry, it was an accident...
Jane Foster: [to Thor] What was that?
Thor: It was delicious! I want another!
Jane Foster: You could have asked!
Thor: I just did!
Jane Foster: I meant nicely!
Thor: I meant no disrespect.
Jane Foster: No smashing. Deal?
Thor: You have my word.


[Thor is knocked down by a gargantuan SHIELD agent]
Thor: You're big. I've fought bigger.


Heimdall: You would defy the commands of Loki, our king? Break every oath you have taken as warriors, and commit treason to bring Thor back?
Sif: Yes.
Heimdall: Good.
Sif: So you will help us?
Heimdall: I am bound by honor to our king. I cannot open the bridge to you.
[walks off]
Fandral: Complicated fellow, isn't he?
[the Bifrost activates on its own]

My Hero - Foo Fighters

General: 6 out of 10

Screen Play: 8 out of 10

Recommend: 6 out of 10
Cinematography: 7 of 10
Director: 6 out of 10

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