Pacific Rim: 20 mistakes and plot holes you probably saw

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As a war between humankind and monstrous sea creatures wages on, a former pilot and a trainee are paired up to drive a seemingly obsolete special weapon in a desperate effort to save the world from the apocalypse.

Runtime: 131 min


"Go big or go extinct"
"To fight monsters we created monsters"

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Pacific Rim Mistakes

Spoiler Alert!

To make this easy and simple, I just have some questions:

1. Why did the red flare shots Herc Hansen and Chuck Hansen (the dad and his son) use at the Kaiju were effective? I mean, these monsters are really big and a mere couple of flares shot from a handgun blind the giant Kaiju for a couple of seconds? In any case, those flares are just useless if the missiles and military weapons took 6 hours to defeat the first Kaiju.

The Jaegers are so big that a stupid flare gun doesn't belong. The flare system should be, at least, bigger.

2. Why didn't Stacker Pentecost (the Marshal) and Herc Hansen (the father of the narcissist guy) eject themselves seconds before detonating the bomb? They could have saved themselves that way, I think.

3. Why the Kaiju was pregnant? The Kaijus were all clones. There's no point in being pregnant.

4. Why the helicopters and other "old" military vehicles didn't help the Jaegers? I mean, if a flare shot can disturb a giant Kaiju, a missile sent from a plane could do more, specially in those moments when a distraction would help a lot.

5. Why did Idris Elba tell the brothers, at the beginning of the movie, to run away from the scene if the Jaeger still could kill the Kaiju after they discover the Kaiju wasn't dead? They could totally kill the Kaiju. After all, why run away? They were the only defense, they are supposed to die fighting to stop the Kaijus or a lot of people will die.

6. Why do the Jaegers are so stupid tracking the Kaijus? Those monsters are big, and real basic military instruments could track them down easily, specially in the ground! The surprise attacks of the Kaijus shouldn't be possible, even with the tech we have right now.

7. Why do the swords were used so late in the movie? I mean, more sword-like weapons would be more efective than plain fists! Besides, why Mako Mori has to tell Raleigh Becket about the sword? They share deep memories and fighting strategies but the guy doesn't know the basic weapons of the Jaeger?

8. Also, I think the Jaegers are a very bad design. The human-like design isn't appropiate. Just imagine the strongest man on earth fighting a crocodile, or an elephant or something like that. Fists against claws and large teeth and sea monsters that walk in four legs? Really? Use more swords and sharp weapons and less fists!. Fists are for human vs. human (Still, the hands are useful to rip out tongues and things like that)

10. At the end scene, when the protagonists are waiting to be rescued, several helicopters appear in formation. What for? To pick up just 2 people?

11. It was supposed that the underground cover where Newton sheltered himself was full of people, with no room for more. But next, when the Kaiju is searching for him, everybody tries to get away from him, leaving him like in the center of the room. In reality, that couldn't be possible, because there was no space!

12. How did the "digital" helicopters take the "analog" Jaeger to the battle after the Kaiju disable all the electronic devices?

13. Why do the pilots have to look around, literally, to see what's around the Jaeger? It would be more effective to use cameras, infrared devices and the like.

14. If the Kaijus were the ancestors of the dinosaurs, why do they are so different? The Kaijus are more like mammals and amphibia, and the dinosaurs were more like birds and reptiles. Besides, the dinosaurs lived about 160 millions of years on earth, and then, according to the movie, suddenly they dissapeared because the optimal conditions weren't present?

Courtesy of IMDb:

15. The rift only lets aliens past it but escape pods can still pass through just fine.

16. The rift is supposed to be closed only by a nuclear detonation within it, not outside on either side. Yet, the detonation is conducted on the opposite side, with no explanation given.

17. Radiation sickness does not cause nose bleeding.

Courtesy of MovieMistakes:

18. Factual error: During the Hong Kong battle, one of the Kaiju disables the Australian Jaeger and the base by emitting an EMP blast. Becket claimed that the Gipsy Danger was immune because it had a nuclear core and was therefore "analog". Being nuclear powered has no bearing on whether a machine is analog or not, and the EMP would certainly affect all the electronic circuitry needed to control the Gipsy.

19. Plot hole: The winged Kaiju in Hong Kong was capable of spitting out a corrosive liquid which destroyed the Russian Jaeger and melted the side of a building, and yet the Gipsy Danger's hand was unaffected after it ripped the corrosive sac from the Kaiju, despite the fact that corrosive liquid was spilled all over it.

20. Plot hole: Why did it take over a decade for someone to decide to attack the fissure the Kaiju used to travel between their world and Earth? Even if direct bomb attacks failed, wouldn't someone have at least thought of covering tons of rubble over the fissure to block the Kaiju from coming through? Or since it's the only place that the Kaiju appear from, why not set a perimeter of bombs around the fissure and detonate them every time a Kaiju came through? The ending already demonstrated that the Kaiju could be killed via explosion.

Also, three videos for longer discussions:

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  1. Radition cause radition sickness that can manifest symptoms like nose bleeding becuase radiation cause the tissue it 'touches' to die.

  1. Effendi Chung said...:

    And the dumb, dumb design of gipsy danger. Why does the head have to be a pod? This will lengthen the sortie time, and the facility need to have the stupid pod dropper which will increase the overall cost. And the brass did say that the jaeger program is too expensive. Maybe because of these useless gimmicks?

    And gipsy danger IS digital. Why? Because it uses the goddamn Snapdragon chips on its computers. (Watch the part when mako is about to activate the sword) So basically we got a nuclear powered robot controlled by a series (maybe) of tablet processors, which could stand 2 direct emp strike, the last one is directly from nuclear blast.

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