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Synopsis: Angelenos Doug Billings and Tracy Garner are about to get married. Two days before the wedding, the four men in the wedding party - Doug, Doug's two best buddies Phil Wenneck and Stu Price, and Tracy's brother Alan Garner - hop into Tracy's father's beloved Mercedes convertible for a 24-hour stag party to Las Vegas. Phil, a married high school teacher, has the same maturity level as his students when he's with his pals. Stu, a dentist, is worried about everything, especially what his controlling girlfriend Melissa thinks. Because she disapproves of traditional male bonding rituals, Stu has to lie to her about the stag, he telling her that they are going on a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley. Regardless, he intends on eventually marrying her, against the advice and wishes of his friends. And Alan seems to be unaware of what are considered the social graces of the western world. The morning after their arrival in Las Vegas.
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Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When the doctor tells the trio (Phil, Stu, and Alan) that Doug's blood work had come back, he tells them that Doug had a large amount of a drug called Ruphylin in his system. He then clarifies by saying "Ruphylin... roofies. Commonly known as the date-rape drug." The drug known as "roofies" is called Rohypnol, but a doctor looking at a blood work report would have likely referred to it by its generic name, flunitrazepam, or by its drug class, benzodiazepine.

Boom mic visible: During the scene in the convenience store, right after the clerk gives the total for the purchase, a boom mic can be seen at the top of the screen for about half a second.

Errors in geography: Towards the beginning of the film, when Alan makes the mistake of saying "ri-tard" instead of "retard", it appears that Doug is driving in the middle lane, as a car passes them on the left. However, in the long-shot where we see the car snaking up to the camera, it is obvious that it's only a two-line road.

Continuity: Right after the scene where the guys let Mr. Chow out of the trunk. Alan was sitting against the front wheel of the car. As the camera angle changed he was sitting against the door. And as the camera angle changed once more, he was sitting in front of the wheel again.

Continuity: During the scene after a nude Mr. Chow attacks Phil, Stu, and Alan, the driver side door is wide open, but it had nearly fully closed after Phil first exited the car.

Continuity: When the girl is aiming at Phil with the taser gun, her arm alternates from straight to bent and back to straight again.

Continuity: When Stu is waking up on the floor from the hangover, the chicken is behind his head. The next shot from a different angle shows the chicken at the top of his head.

Continuity: In first shot of the next day with Stu laying on floor there is a "Monster" can about a tile away from his head. When he stands up, it is no longer in sight.

Continuity: When talking to Dr. Valsh in the hospital scene, Phil starts to write down "Best Little Chapel" on a piece of paper. He then asks Dr. Valsh where it is. After he tells Phil to get a map, the following shot of the piece of paper has nothing written on it and Phil rewrites "Best Little Chapel".

Continuity: (At 35:07) Bikini girls walk by twice when Alan hands Stu the tooth.

Continuity: Towards the beginning of the film, after Doug says "it's not easy" and while Alan talks about Rain Man (1988), a white van can be seen passing them quickly on the left (which Phil glances at). After Alan makes the mistake of saying "ri-tard" and Stu says "What?", the same exact white van is seen again, but this time going slower and moving backwards. In addition, after Doug corrects Alan by saying "REtard", the white van is no longer there.

Continuity: During the taser scene both of Alan's arms are stretched out in front of him when the officer pats him on the rear. When the camera immediately cuts to the officer asking the kids about taking fingerprints, Alan's left arm is now by his side.

Continuity: When Alan was hit with the taser and falls on the table, he initially falls on his side. When the angle changes to where Officer Franklin pats him on the rear, Alan is face-down on the table with both arms up. And when the children get up to leave the room, Alan's arms are down beside his side.

Continuity: Alan has a plastic grocery bag with the liquor in the hotel room when he sings "Who Let The Dogs Out?" As they are walking down the hallway, he isn't carrying the bag. But it reappears when they are waiting for the elevator.

Continuity: On the way back to LA for the wedding. Doug is holding his hat with his left hand and reaches into his pocket with his right hand and holds up a bunch of chips from the Bellagio. In the next camera angle he is holding his hat with his right hand and holding up the chips in his left hand.

Continuity: Alan admits he slipped a roofie into each of the shots taken on the roof of the casino. However, in that scene, he hands each of the other characters an empty shot glass and pours while they hold them. It would be extremely unlikely that none of the other guys wouldn't notice a pill in the glass already or Alan dropping one in each after pouring. The only possible explanation for this is that Alan put four roofies in the bottle of Jager before handing out the glasses, but doesn't seem likely since he says it was one hit each. Four hits in a full bottle would make individual shots more dilute than a full hit per shot.

Continuity: Toward the end when Sid is talking to Doug about giving him the car Sid takes his glasses off. When Doug gets up to walk out the door Sids glasses are back on.

Continuity: In the scene on the rooftop where they do shots of Jaeger, they do a second shot but at no point were the glasses ever refilled.

Continuity: When the Chinese run into the side of the Mercedes, there's no evidence of damage on the SUV when they back up and then get out to confront the guys about the money.

Continuity: Black Doug's shirt changes between shots as the guys are driving away after the exchange with Mr. Chow.

Continuity: When Alan sings "Who Let the Dogs Out?" the bathroom door is wide open, but when camera turns to Phil, the door is closed.

Continuity: During Alan and Doug's fitting for tuxedos, some of the buttons on Doug's shirt change from done to undone when the camera angle changes.

Continuity: In the scene in the parking lot, Phil's blue shirt has blood spots on it, but when his chest is seen in partial profile after a cut, the shirt is totally clean.

Continuity: When the guys are in handcuffs at the police station, they are stretched out so that Phil can reach the pay phone on the wall. As he is talking, a cop wearing glasses is seen walking up behind him. The scene cuts away then back to Phil and the same cop is again walking up behind him.

Continuity: When Mr. Chow comes out of the trunk, he beats Phil to the ground, which is dusty dirt. When Phil stands up later in the scene, after Mr. Chow has run off, his jeans are so covered with tan dust they look painted. In the same scene, after an immediate cut, the jeans have been brushed clean.

Continuity: When Stu is sitting in the back seat with Little Carlos, he reaches over with his left hand to rub the baby's stomach. Carlos is on his right side, and Stu's right arm is straight down. When they widen the shot, Stu has his right arm resting across the top of the back seat, and then lowers it to his side.

Continuity: After the guys find Doug on the roof, Doug tackles Phil. Doug immediately starts writhing in pain from his bad sunburn. Yet only a few hours later after the wedding, Doug chest bumps Phil and shows no pain.

Continuity: The damage to the car keeps changing during the movie.

Continuity: The tiger scratches on Phil's neck change angles.

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Revealing mistakes: It's daytime in the hallway when the guys come out to "Who Let the Dogs Out?" even though it's supposed to be night time.

Revealing mistakes: When Alan is getting up after the three guys are beat up by Leslie Chow, and Stu hits him in the head with the door, you can see Alan hit the car with his hand to make the thumping sound of his head hitting the car door.

Revealing mistakes: In the scene where Phil, Stu, Alan and Carlos (Tyler) are at the hotel pool, Alan is jerking Carlos's hand to make it look like he's masturbating at the table. It is an entirely different baby in the next shot with Carlos.

Revealing mistakes: When Eddy brings out the "Highroller Package" that was ordered, the picture of Stu and Jade is in broad daylight. Jade had said the wedding was at about "1". The valet ticket that Alan finds also says they were back at the hotel by 5:15am, before the sun would have even risen.

Revealing mistakes: When Phil calls Tracy while she is sunbathing by the pool, we see an obvious attempt to mask the tattoo on her left shoulder with makeup. However it is still visible when the camera is close.

Revealing mistakes: There are no marks on Alan's face where the Taser probes were embedded.

Revealing mistakes: When Stu walks out of the shower, the soles of his feet are still dirty before he gets dressed.

Revealing mistakes: The guys are told to meet the Chinese at dawn to exchange the chips for Doug. However, when the vehicles arrive in the desert, you can tell from their shadows that it is the middle of the day.

Revealing mistakes: When they are preparing the steak for the tiger it is very soft and floppy, Allan is even able to fold it in half. However, when Stu takes the steak to be fed to the tiger it is very stiff, indicating that it is a prop.

Revealing mistakes: In the scene where Chow jumps of the trunk with a crowbar and starts hitting Stu, Alan and Phil, the crowbar is prop and is obviously made out of rubber. Also when Chow hits Stu with the crowbar, the crowbar bends.

Revealing mistakes: When the guys go to see Jade at her apartment the baby looks totally different. Depending on the camera angle the baby is fast asleep or alert.

Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
Crew or equipment visible: During the first fight with the Chinese guys the camera crew can easily be seen in the reflection of the bus stop in the background.

Crew or equipment visible: During the scene with Mike Tyson, you can see the reflection of the crew and equipment in Phil's sunglasses.

Crew or equipment visible: When the guys push the car to Mike Tyson's house, lighting equipment, the camera and crew members are reflected on the side of the car.

Crew or equipment visible: As the stolen cop car drives up onto the Vegas sidewalk, you can clearly see the camera crew from the reflection in the marble building as they dolly along with the car.

Factual errors: The tiger scratch marks on Phil's neck are too small to have come from a tiger, whose average paw width is 4½ inches.

Factual errors: The scenes in Las Vegas take place from a Friday evening through Sunday morning, yet when Phil, Stu, and Alan take part in the taser demonstration at the police station, it is observed by elementary school students on a field trip.

Factual errors: When Alan is counting cards, he is quite visibly mouthing the numbers as the cards come by. While he was indeed eventually spotted by security, that was $80,000 and hours later. If there is ANY indication that someone is counting cards in a casino, they would immediately be escorted out.

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