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Ben Campbell is a young, highly intelligent, student at M.I.T. in Boston who strives to succeed. Wanting a scholarship to transfer to Harvard School of Medicine with the desire to become a doctor, Ben learns that he cannot afford the $300,000 for the four to five years of schooling as he comes from a poor, working-class background. But one evening, Ben is introduced by his unorthodox math professor Micky Rosa into a small but secretive club of five. Students Jill, Choi, Kianna, and Fisher, who are being trained by Professor Rosa of the skill of card counting at blackjack. Intrigued by the desire to make money, Ben joins his new friends on secret weekend trips to Las Vegas where, using their skills of code talk and hand signals, they have Ben make hundreds of thousands of dollars in winning blackjack at casino after casino. Ben only wants to make enough money for the tuition to Harvard and then back out.

- Inspired by the true story of five students who changed the game forever.
- They proved the Vegas Blackjack System was beatable...by beating the hell out of it.

123 min

Goofs for21: Black Jack (2008) 

  • Continuity: During the first meeting with Ben, the cards that Micky deals alternate from face up, face down, and missing altogether.

  • Continuity: When Ben's mom is serving birthday cake to Ben and his friends, she serves Cam twice.
  • Continuity: When Ben is handed his earnings from the first night a five dollar bill is seen on the outside of the bundle. Moments later a $100 is on the outside.

  • Continuity: During the opening credits, while Ben is riding his bike on the road, you see the same orange PT cruiser go past twice and the same silver Chrysler 300C go past three times.

  • Continuity: During the opening scene montage, when Ben is riding his bike across the bridge, the position of his backpack changes several times.

  • Continuity: When Prof Rosa calls Cole, Terry answers the phone and places Rosa on hold. However, when Cole takes the phone from Terry, he does not take Rosa off of hold and proceeds to talk to him.

  • Continuity: When Mickey and Ben are walking through the park before the first trip, there is no one behind them. The camera changes and there is a woman walking her dog and another man.

  • Continuity: The first night the group gambles in Las Vegas they are in the Hard Rock Casino, however the table at which Ben gambles says "Red Rock Casino". When he switches tables it says "Hard Rock Casino." 
  • Continuity: When Ben meets with Mickey and the group for the first time, he explains the basic rules of 21 and deals himself a face-up card, then the camera cuts to Ben then back to Mickey and now Mickey's card is face down.

  • Continuity: In the shot of Ben counting cards on the first arrival in Vegas, Ben's tray is down. If the plane is as close to arriving as the view from the window shows, the trays would have to be in the "up and locked" position.

  • Continuity: During the chase seen at the end of the movie Kate Bosworth's character alternates between running in heels and running barefoot.

  • Continuity: When Ben is riding his bike on the bridge, a young guy with a lady are passing in the back stage. After this, when a yellow stripped bus passed behind Ben, that young guy and lady disappeared (it seems, they jumped into water) then another lady in white jacket appears who was absent before in the back stage.

  • Plot holes: In two separate places in the film, the player is hollering for the dealer to draw a "monkey" (a face card or a ten) when, in fact, a monkey would have given the dealer a winning hand. The first instance is when an Asian woman introduces the main character to the slang. The more egregious of the two instances is when the main character (who, by this time in the film, has established his big player credentials) calls out for a monkey twice when either of those times would have given the dealer a winning hand.

  • Crew or equipment visible: When Ben leaves the Hard Rock Hotel after their first night in Vegas, the shadow of the Cameraman and Camera on the dolly are visible on the hotel front and security guards in the background.

  • Factual errors: In the scene were we first see Ben in the casino playing for the first time, the count is +18. We then see a face card (worth 10) appear and Ben wins. Micky then asks him what the count is. He says +18, but it's really +17 because a face card has a value of -1.

  • Revealing mistakes: All the cards in the casino scenes have rounded corners opposite the index numbers, identifying them as used cards that have since been removed from use on the casino floor and altered so they can never be sneaked back into play.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Miles shows Ben the source code of the robot, Ben looks at them and immediately says this is very good. Actually, even a highly experienced programmer could not understand a source code just by looking at it for 2 seconds, especially the code of a really complex system such as this robot.

Memorable quotes for21: Black Jack

Ben Campbell: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


Micky Rosa: Choi, you made five grand last night. So would you stop stealing 9 cent pens and everything you can get your hands on from the maid's cart. It's embarrassing!
Micky Rosa: [to Ben about card counting] What were going to do is perfectly legal and they can't do a single thing about it.
[very next scene: in a concrete room, bare bulb lights, a fist hits a guy who's strapped to a chair: he's bleeding/sweating]
Cole Williams: You think you can beat the system?
[shows guy his meaty fist]
Cole Williams: This *is the system*... *beating you back*
Cole Williams: You wanna count cards, you do it in Atlantic City! Get him up.
Terry: [growling] Let's go. Get up! On your feet!
Cole Williams: Count to five. Count to five!
Card Counter: [disillusioned] What?
Cole Williams: Count to five so that you don't have brain damage, you can go home.
Terry: Start with One.
Card Counter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Cole Williams: Good. Now... stop counting!
Choi: [laughing and taking a video while Ben is goofing off as a new persona in the mirror] No please, keep going, this video's priceless!
Ben Campbell: [after Jill wakes him up when their plane arrives in Boston] I seem to be waking up to you a lot.
Jill Taylor: Don't get used to it.
Micky Rosa: [while Choi is stealing everything that isn't nailed down in the hotel room] *Hey!* You steal The Bible, you go to Hell. Those are the rules.
Choi: Like I'm not going anyway.
Ben Campbell: [in regards to Mickey Rosa inviting him to the Blackjack team] So why are you telling me?
Micky Rosa: Well, let's just say a spot opened up on our roster.
Ben Campbell: How?
Micky Rosa: Jimmy got a job at Google.
Ben Campbell: Jim... Jimmy got a job at Google?
Micky Rosa: Yeah, it's catchy, I know.
Ben Campbell: Well, if you're making so much money at this then why did he take it?
Micky Rosa: Ben, I said Google, not Sizzler.
Ben Campbell [Last Lines]: I had a 1590 on my SAT, I got a 44 on my MCAT, and I have a 4.0 GPA from MIT. I thought I had my life mapped out, but then I remembered what my non linear equations professor once told me, always account for variable change... I let down my good friends, but as it turns out, they weren't too bad at simple math either. I scored the prettiest girl in school. I got beaten down by an old school Vegas thug who was having trouble accepting his retirement, but I worked out a deal with him that got him a nice pension... And I lied to my mother, but I confessed a lie and well, she still loved me... So my senior year of college I joined this team and I learned this new skill. I went to Vegas 17 times to use it. I made hundreds of thousands of dollars counting cards. And then I had it all stolen from me, twice... How's that for life experience professor? Did I dazzle you? Did I jump off the page?
Micky Rosa: He says, "Ben, do you want to stay with door number one or go with door number two?". Now, is it in your interest to switch your choice?
Ben Campbell: Yeah.
Micky Rosa: Well wait, the host knows where the car is. So how do you know he's not trying to play a trick on you - trying to use reverse psychology to get you to pick a goat?
Ben Campbell: Well I wouldn't really care. I mean, my answer's based on statistics - based on variable change.
Micky Rosa: Variable change? But he just asked you a simple question.
Ben Campbell: Yeah, which changed everything.
Micky Rosa: Enlighten us.
Ben Campbell: Well, when I was originally asked to pick a door, I had a 33.3% chance of choosing right. But after he opens one of the doors and re-offers me the choice, it's now 66.7% if I choose to switch... So yeah, I'll take door number two and thank you for the extra 33.3%.
Micky Rosa: Exactly. People, remember - if you don't know which door to open, always account for variable change.
Micky Rosa: Now see, most people wouldn't take the switch, out paranoia, fear, emotions. But Mr. Campbell, he kept his emotions aside and let simple math
[in a game show host voice]
Micky Rosa: get his ass into a brand new car!... Which is better than that goat you've been driving around campus...

You can find the explanation to this problem here



An alternate ending was shot, where Mickey Rose evaded capture from Cole Williams. After retirement, Cole spots Mickey gambling on a boat and the two trade stories about their past.

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